His Presence

In this moment the wind blows with lightest might. As if He knows. I sat down on the stairs just because I needed a long stare. Accepting what has been presented to me. The sun begins to glare. The heat presses against my feet. The vitamin D fills me with Glee… A random ball of thunder drifts through the sky. He knows I’m always looking for a reason why? I feel as though I’ve never been alone. In this moment I feel like I’m with my own. He chose my as His daughter. But sometimes it seems like He’s a lot father. The wind was a kiss, the sun came in and everything became so bliss. The thunder did make me wonder. He takes me hand now and we head towards a tunnel. – Cevana Clinkscales


The Screaming Inner Child

Lately my inner child has been more on the surface. She needs a mother to help her be more open. Nurturing others has always lead me to gratifying feelings. When it comes to nurturing me that’s when I leave me hanging in the trees. How do you help someone you blamed for years? How do you grab her and tell her it’s not your fault? Instead I continue blaming her and placing us deeper in the trees, not even realizing I am hanging me. These feelings of confusion put me into a state of anxiety. But that’s the only place I’ve ever lived so me not understanding the cycle is the irony. My inner child is yelling loud now, I think she’s trying to inspire me. – Cevana Clinkscales

A Robot Beginning to Break Free

Sometimes i feel like my words are worthless. I doubt myself and then I try and get back focused. The words sound fuzzy and far. I feel like I’m drifting back into what was bogus. But I’m not, I’m creating the life for me, yet the lins won’t focus. I know my words are from the stars, my blog should never be left wordless. – Cevana Clinkscales

Letters to My Ego – Ongoing series part 1

If you loved me, you wouldn’t try to control me. If you loved me you’d see the beauty all over me. If you loved me you wouldn’t make me flee. But you DO love me, you loved me when no one was there. You loved me when I just couldn’t bear the pain anymore. You loved me when no one was there… You became my hero, but you make me feel like a zero. I loved you too but I can’t keep doing this with you. You were never me, you were never kind to me. You ended up being my biggest tragedy. It’s almost time to say goodbye sadly. – Cevana Clinkscales

The Odd Man in Town

Who is that man, I’ve seen him around town. But something about him makes me feel like spiders are crawling down my back. I seen him a week ago with that same old frown. Maybe he’s mad because he’s always picking up some sort of slack. Oooo get down, he’s coming around. The man with the frown drove off so fast he kicked a mess of dirt. Shit it’s all over my shirt… Wait a minute do you hear that sound? Shhhhh that sounds like a pound, a pound on a door, that hand must be some kind of sore. – Cevana Clinkscales

Honey Combs

I want to fly away with the bees. My emotions are focused on being full of peace. I wish i could just put on my little wings and try and sing. Come here love, I’m about to put this chicken in the grease. I see the bees racing to a tree. Honey is all I can bring. Place the chicken on a plate with a little slow pace. The honey drizzles onto the chicken, that still has a sound that sizzles. Turn that light out in the kitchen. That’s the end of this honey mission.

Where did my Children Go – Part 4

Bobby touches the back of his head and screams at the sight of blood on his hand. He whispers to his mom fearlessly and said little Timmy is dead. She screams in agony, she thinks this can’t be, he must been climbing up that tree. At the tree she looks but Timmy is no where to be seen. “Bobby what the hell happened? I left you in charge of you three.” – Cevana Clinkscales

Where did my Children Go – Part 3

Suddenly a breath of Satan’s breath brushes against her forehead,
now she’s feeling foggy.
Before her body is able to collapse to the ground, a noise comes outside from the shed.
Fight or flight comes over her body and she runs outside.
Oh no…
Is that her son Bobby?
Why oh why does he appear to be so groggy? She reaches bobby with her hands on her mouth. “Oh no honey what happened to your head?
– Cevana Clinkscales

Where did my Children Go – PART 2

Down the hall she runs and still she doesn’t see them at all. Sweat runs down her face and her heart starts to race. Out loud she finally yells “Where are yall?!” Her youngest is small enough crawl, maybe he’s hiding in a tiny space. She checks left and right, down and low, but still he himself is no where to be seen. What the hell does this mean?! – Cevana Clinkscales

I see the typo this will be fixed in part 3! I hope you all enjoy this little series…

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