Banana Split

Banana split, let’s take a dip. A dip into a world that filled with fruits and squirrels. Love so fine all is see is 555 (as I type this). Strawberries and cherries make me feel so full. Pinapples so fresh I think I’m ready to catch that ferry. Ice cream so creamy, my stomach feels a bit dreary. So you say it’s okay, throw it out the window, it’s just a piece of the day. Take my hand, let’s go inside and lay. My love for you is forever here to stay.

Ice cream shop: Drive-in tasty freeze Location: 2309 N Weber St, Colorado Springs, CO 80907

If you’re in colorado springs please stop downtown for some yummy ice cream. We also got a burger that was extremely tasty definitely giving a great grill vibe. There’s tables outside you can sit and relax at.

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