Unfinished Mystery – Where did my Children Go

The moment that she walk through the door, she knew something felt wrong. From the cleaned up toys on the floor. To the sound of the unsettling silence, she thought to herself “Why are the children all gone?”. She had just came back from getting dinner from the store. She put the groceries on the floor, she’s needing to know more. – Cevana Clinkscales

Friday night

There’s something about Friday night. We know why it just feels right. Cause we think we pushed through the week, but the week pushed us with might. Friday night is our favorite sweet treat. Especially when I turn down the lights and you and I unite. – Cevana Clinkscales


Defense mechanisms are created and now you have ego. If this was such a free world we wouldn’t feel the need to be in control. So now that my ego is at the end of the road, I’m mixing the tequila with the Tampico. Getting further away from this goal. Snacking to numb the emptiness, I pick up a cheeto. Looking at it now ego put me in a deep hole. I just want to be a free soul. – Cevana Clinkscales

Love Mania

Everyday became a charade life felt like it was up in flames. I don’t know why I feel this way but I miss you even when you cannot change. You loved me and I loved you but every time I tried to be me, you couldn’t see me through. The love was so blind yet love was so thick. Why, just why couldn’t I remember this? Cause today you’re happy and tomorrow you’re mad and when I asked you why you don’t even have a reason to be mad. Once again I put my seat belt on back on this roller coaster. My eyes are always so sad. And then you say come a little closer, let’s go lay over there in the sand. He’s trying to keep his composure. Because he knows I’m his biggest fan. So now he’s staying sober, until we are off the roller coaster. When you take me up so high my eyes are glad… But when you take me down low, I want to put my heart up for foreclosure. This is love mania firsthand. – Cevana Clinkscales

My Vivid Dream

Are our dreams just an illusion? Or was I just in another dimension? Now I know this sounds weird but just listen. Cause in 2020 I seen things I just couldn’t mention. But my subconscious already knew the mission. Reliving it was never my intention. – Cevana Clinkscales

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Shame on Your Shoulders

You don’t have to carry shame. That makes it hard to get out of bed. You don’t have to carry shame, maybe you are the one to blame. But did you hear what I said? You don’t have to carry shame, that’s not how you play this game. Now get out your head. Because carrying around all that shame will bring you no type of gain and only pain. – Cevana Clinkscales

Darkness to Light

I never make a good impression. Always considered the black sheep. My mind stays in depression. But my soul feels me inside so deep. Tending to my mind now because depression has been my obsession. At night all I did was weep. Wake up to my honey for a early morning smoke session. Today is a new day in the week. Let’s live every moment like it’s our last second. – Cevana Clinkscales

It’s about that time

I need to reprogram this mind. It’s definitely my time to shine. Cause I’ve been on my grind. But neglected my mind, trying to survive. So it’s back to the grind, it’s time to arrive. – Cevana Clinkscales

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