Honey Combs

I want to fly away with the bees. My emotions are focused on being full of peace. I wish i could just put on my little wings and try and sing. Come here love, I’m about to put this chicken in the grease. I see the bees racing to a tree. Honey is all I can bring. Place the chicken on a plate with a little slow pace. The honey drizzles onto the chicken, that still has a sound that sizzles. Turn that light out in the kitchen. That’s the end of this honey mission.


Where did my Children Go – Part 4

Bobby touches the back of his head and screams at the sight of blood on his hand. He whispers to his mom fearlessly and said little Timmy is dead. She screams in agony, she thinks this can’t be, he must been climbing up that tree. At the tree she looks but Timmy is no where to be seen. “Bobby what the hell happened? I left you in charge of you three.” – Cevana Clinkscales

Where did my Children Go – PART 2

Down the hall she runs and still she doesn’t see them at all. Sweat runs down her face and her heart starts to race. Out loud she finally yells “Where are yall?!” Her youngest is small enough crawl, maybe he’s hiding in a tiny space. She checks left and right, down and low, but still he himself is no where to be seen. What the hell does this mean?! – Cevana Clinkscales

I see the typo this will be fixed in part 3! I hope you all enjoy this little series…

Banana Split

Banana split, let’s take a dip. A dip into a world that filled with fruits and squirrels. Love so fine all is see is 555 (as I type this). Strawberries and cherries make me feel so full. Pinapples so fresh I think I’m ready to catch that ferry. Ice cream so creamy, my stomach feels a bit dreary. So you say it’s okay, throw it out the window, it’s just a piece of the day. Take my hand, let’s go inside and lay. My love for you is forever here to stay.

Ice cream shop: Drive-in tasty freeze Location: 2309 N Weber St, Colorado Springs, CO 80907

If you’re in colorado springs please stop downtown for some yummy ice cream. We also got a burger that was extremely tasty definitely giving a great grill vibe. There’s tables outside you can sit and relax at.

Red Gravy – Italian Bistro

Today we went and tried the Red Gravy… May I say how tasty it was, the red Gravy salad was filled with parmasan cheese and pimento along with mixed greens and shaved red onion.

The shaved onions gave the salad a great flavor without overpowering the salad. The Red Gravy is their signature sauce (a vingerate).

A meatball sub that compared to none. Provolone cheese so tasty and hot it’s sticking to the bun. A glass of wine to wash down the cheese that taste so fine.

A simple lunch with some sights to see. A little girl I see her looking at me. Let them speak, let them speak.

Kabob Kabose

Chicken and steak peppers and teriyaki sauce.

Pretty blue skies as the clouds go by. A simple day that isn’t out of the way. Something comes right my way, a dragon fly, that’s here to stay. Bracelets created by our youth. But no one cares what they do… So I buy a few more not because you’re cute but because you’re you. Steak and peppers burst with flavor. Looks like I got teriyaki sauce on the table. Come here baby do me a favor. Can you wipe this up for me I know I treat you like my savior. But it’s because I see through your outer layer.

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