Honey Combs

I want to fly away with the bees. My emotions are focused on being full of peace. I wish i could just put on my little wings and try and sing. Come here love, I’m about to put this chicken in the grease. I see the bees racing to a tree. Honey is all I can bring. Place the chicken on a plate with a little slow pace. The honey drizzles onto the chicken, that still has a sound that sizzles. Turn that light out in the kitchen. That’s the end of this honey mission.


Banana Split

Banana split, let’s take a dip. A dip into a world that filled with fruits and squirrels. Love so fine all is see is 555 (as I type this). Strawberries and cherries make me feel so full. Pinapples so fresh I think I’m ready to catch that ferry. Ice cream so creamy, my stomach feels a bit dreary. So you say it’s okay, throw it out the window, it’s just a piece of the day. Take my hand, let’s go inside and lay. My love for you is forever here to stay.

Ice cream shop: Drive-in tasty freeze Location: 2309 N Weber St, Colorado Springs, CO 80907

If you’re in colorado springs please stop downtown for some yummy ice cream. We also got a burger that was extremely tasty definitely giving a great grill vibe. There’s tables outside you can sit and relax at.

Red Gravy – Italian Bistro

Today we went and tried the Red Gravy… May I say how tasty it was, the red Gravy salad was filled with parmasan cheese and pimento along with mixed greens and shaved red onion.

The shaved onions gave the salad a great flavor without overpowering the salad. The Red Gravy is their signature sauce (a vingerate).

A meatball sub that compared to none. Provolone cheese so tasty and hot it’s sticking to the bun. A glass of wine to wash down the cheese that taste so fine.

A simple lunch with some sights to see. A little girl I see her looking at me. Let them speak, let them speak.

Kabob Kabose

Chicken and steak peppers and teriyaki sauce.

Pretty blue skies as the clouds go by. A simple day that isn’t out of the way. Something comes right my way, a dragon fly, that’s here to stay. Bracelets created by our youth. But no one cares what they do… So I buy a few more not because you’re cute but because you’re you. Steak and peppers burst with flavor. Looks like I got teriyaki sauce on the table. Come here baby do me a favor. Can you wipe this up for me I know I treat you like my savior. But it’s because I see through your outer layer.

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