A Robot Beginning to Break Free

Sometimes i feel like my words are worthless. I doubt myself and then I try and get back focused. The words sound fuzzy and far. I feel like I’m drifting back into what was bogus. But I’m not, I’m creating the life for me, yet the lins won’t focus. I know my words are from the stars, my blog should never be left wordless. – Cevana Clinkscales


Friday night

There’s something about Friday night. We know why it just feels right. Cause we think we pushed through the week, but the week pushed us with might. Friday night is our favorite sweet treat. Especially when I turn down the lights and you and I unite. – Cevana Clinkscales


Defense mechanisms are created and now you have ego. If this was such a free world we wouldn’t feel the need to be in control. So now that my ego is at the end of the road, I’m mixing the tequila with the Tampico. Getting further away from this goal. Snacking to numb the emptiness, I pick up a cheeto. Looking at it now ego put me in a deep hole. I just want to be a free soul. – Cevana Clinkscales

It’s about that time

I need to reprogram this mind. It’s definitely my time to shine. Cause I’ve been on my grind. But neglected my mind, trying to survive. So it’s back to the grind, it’s time to arrive. – Cevana Clinkscales

Blog Update!!! Please join in the comments!

It has been brought to my attention from myself that my content isn’t exactly what I’d like to be sharing. I’m testing the waters. And I will continue to put out similar content. But I’m going to change the pace a little bit.

Topics up for discussion:

1. Self healing : Okay, I’ve been trying to heal for about 2 years now and even to this day I deal with things and I’m like “Damn, I thought I was past this.” I want to get into how to deal with issues that are coming up in our lives and find healthy ways to resolve them.

2. Forgiveness : Yup! Yeah, I know… You could never forgive them for what they did… I want to get into this topic. As it’s very personal for me and I want to share some of my experiences.

3. Men vs Women: I’m tired of seeing these debates… I know everyone has logged onto Facebook and seen men and women acting as though they don’t need eachother… OH we will be talking about this.

These are my 3 to start small. But please comment with any suggestions. Don’t be shy or afraid to share experiences if you’re comfortable. This is a friendly safe spot and any negativity will not be approved. Thank you all for your support through my blog journey. Sending peace love and positive energy to all. ✨️💞

Shadow work

Happy Tuesday, I have been trying to stay away from the media and phone use. I think I’m ready to get back into drawing (the above picture). But I was thinking we can do a writing assignment using the prompts above. I can change my setting so that we are able to share to this page. If this is something anyone may be interested please let me know in the comments.

Writing prompt: What do I need to forgive myself?

Red Gravy – Italian Bistro

Today we went and tried the Red Gravy… May I say how tasty it was, the red Gravy salad was filled with parmasan cheese and pimento along with mixed greens and shaved red onion.

The shaved onions gave the salad a great flavor without overpowering the salad. The Red Gravy is their signature sauce (a vingerate).

A meatball sub that compared to none. Provolone cheese so tasty and hot it’s sticking to the bun. A glass of wine to wash down the cheese that taste so fine.

A simple lunch with some sights to see. A little girl I see her looking at me. Let them speak, let them speak.

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